Selection of Dance / Performance Work

Woodland Symposium 2021

at Interface Inagh, Connemara (Curator Alannah Robins)


Five artists have been invited to reflect on the planned restoration of Sitka Spruce to native woodland. They are being led by ecologist Marie Louise Heffernan and archaeologist Michael Gibbons. The intention of the project is to initiate a slow-art response with longevity, which will evolve with the slowly changing ecology of the site.

Photo Credit: Aoife Herriot

Surfacing (In Collaboration with Alannah Robins) 2017

Linda Schirmer and Alannah Robins (IE) have been working on their current collaborative project, ‘Surfacing’. Using the old water tanks at the facility, they have explored qualities of water, of submersion and surfacing through dance, projection and film.


The Film was shown in Ireland, Sweden and Iran. 


credit: Alannah Robins 

Wuthering Heights

"I wish I were a girl again, half-savage and hardy, and free."  Emily Brontè 

Photo credit: Mr Jamsie

Hot, A Swedish Circus on Merciful Inferno by Opera Factory Sessions

at Clifden Arts Festival 2015


This is NOT AN OPERA, rather 60 minutes of electro acoustic music, performance art and shadow theatre, in which the Stockholm-based, intermedia group use John Cage's score, 'Circus On' to explore the texts of August Strindberg's INFERNO together with IKEA's safety instructions
for the 'Barmhärtig' stove.
In Clifden the performers will be Alannah Robins, Sören Runolf,
Lise-Lotte Norelius, Thommy Wahlström and Linda Schirmer. Included in
the performance will be elements created by Girilal Baars, Ewert Ekros,
Louise Djurberg, Jenny Soep, Cecilia Josefson and Alexandra Nilsson.

Finders Keepers (Hylak/Schirmer)

 "Finders Keepers" explores the idea that we see differently depending on our individual experiences, which act as a filter to create and to store memories. The choreography comes from ‘recycling’ these traces of past through movement of the body and camera.

1. Foto Credit: Gina Pryce

A State of Being

The dance film „ A State of Being“ by Linda Schirmer reflects on the strong bond between a mother and her newborn. Especially the first weeks of this unique duo are marked by reclusiveness as the focus is put entirely on this microcosmic relationship. The radius of action is reduced to a minimum, yet at the same time, this limitation opens up a new space for improvisational structures which form the basis for this contemporay dance project.


The film was shown at Clifden Arts Festival (2012)

Project LocoMotion (Hylak/Schirmer)


in collaboration with Regina Price (photos & film)


The former railway line between Clifden and Galway sets the frame for this multimedia dance piece. The performers explored the Connemara area in order to find remains of the dismantled railway line which inspired their movements. The outside is taken inside through dance sequences and pictures that try to catch the transformation of space/landscape and provide a vivid, hence, unique perspective on looking at history. 


The piece was shown at Representing Ireland, Dance Festival, Dublin and at Clifden Arts Festival 2011 &2013


Photos: 1. Jamie Howard 2 & 3 Gina Pryce




Betreiber: Linda Schirmer, Käßlitzer Dorfstr. 8, 98663 Hellingen

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