Dance & Drama Workshop Series


Workshop Series at Primary School Hellingen


"Räuber Hotzenplotz" in cooperation with Staatstheater Meiningen,Thuringia, Germany

Date: December 2019

Commissioned: Grundschule Hellingen & Landesvereinigung kulturelle Bildung

Kulturagentin: Wiebke Kirchner




The students anticipated in theatre workshops based on the famous childrenclassic "Räuber Hotzenplotz". At first the kids were invited to visit the StaatstheaterMeiningen and watch the play. Afterwards Linda Schirmer asked the students to respond, explore and perform the themes of the story using movement,pantomine (Stehgreifspiel) and improvisation. They also participated and performed guided scripted activities. The aim of the workshops was to offer an introduction to contemporary dance & theatre practice, creative experience and to build up confidence.


Räuber Hotzenplotz