Project Locomotion Hylak / Schirmer

in collaboration with dancer & choreographer Magdalena Hylak and Regina Price (photos & film)

Medium: Dance Performance, Film, Photography


Funded / Supported: Clifden Arts Festival, Galway Dance Project, Dance Ireland

Shown: Dublin Dance Festival (Re-presenting Ireland), Clifden Arts Festival, Galway Druid Theatre




The former railway line between Clifden and Galway sets the frame for this multimedia

dance piece by the emerging choreographers Magdalena Hylak and Linda Schirmer. They are

both based in Clifden for a few years now. The performers explored the Connemara area in

order to find remains of the dismantled railway line which inspired their movements. They

were joined by local photographer Gina Pryce who adds a visual element by documenting the

project through its various stages.

The outside is taken inside through dance sequences and pictures that try to catch

the transformation of space and provide a vivid, hence, unique perspective on looking at

history. Not only is the outer landscape put into the focus of interest, but also the inner landscape

of the dancers is part of the performance. The personal themes of belonging, connection and

attachment to one another and to certain places, and above all the identification with these spaces,

influenced the dynamic duet.



.Project LocoMotion premiered at the 34 th Clifden Arts Festival in 2011.