HOT, a Swedish Circus

I was invited to perform at "This is not an Opera" 


Concept & Installation: Stockholm based intermedia group "Opera Factory Sessions"

Title: HOT This is not an Opera

Date: 2015



This is NOT AN OPERA, rather 60 minutes of electro acoustic music, performance art and shadow

theatre, in which the Stockholm-based, intermedia group use John Cage's score, 'Circus On' to explore

the texts of August Strindberg's INFERNO together with IKEA's safety instructions

for the 'Barmhärtig' stove.


Opera Factory Sessions is a Stockholm based group of composers, musicians and visual artists

collaborating in the cross over areas between the arts. The core group of Alannah Robins, Ewert Ekros,

Sören Runolf, Cecilia Josefsson, Jenny Soep, Girilal Baars, and Louise Djurberg has been joined by Lars

Bröndum, Thommy Wahlström, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Linda Schirmer, Emilie Lesbros, Fredrik Johansson

and Rose Marie Andersson at different locations. Several of the group are also members of Fylkingen,

and EMS. The group has performed in Fylkingen, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and

Clifden Arts Week, Ireland.